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George Brown College's Centre for Arts, Design and IT (CADIT), in collaboration with Robin Kay, are pleased to announce MAKECanada™, a multidisciplinary, innovative clothing design initiative to inspire our students for the regeneration and reshoring of the Canadian Fashion Community.

MEANINGFUL: Clothing with purpose
AWARE: Economic and Regenerative Sustainability
KEY: Fashion's New Function
ESSENTIALS: Disruption crucial to driving positive change

MAKECanada™ will launch this fall with the 2020 Design Challenge, a design program created for the GBC students of today, the designers of tomorrow. Supported by state-of-the-art material fabricators, manufacturers, cutting-edge technology, and industry-leading mentors, MAKECanada™ invites students to innovate solutions to answer Canada’s need for pandemic-responsive wearables, creating MEANINGFUL clothing with purpose.

MAKECanada™ will offer a vital impetus for all participants in the fashion process as we become AWARE of new practices, driving a trend towards a positive fashion landscape, while creating a true economic and regenerative sustainability.

MAKECanada™ will be the KEY disruption crucial to driving positive change that will inspire and empower our future designers, inviting innovative ranges of concept clothing for our current and future realities, to address the fashion solutions required while society re-sets and recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic.

MAKECanada™'s mandate will innovate intelligent fabrics, regenerative production and embedded technology as the ESSENTIALS of fashion's new function, empowering designers to harness the newest abilities, technologies and knowledge, positioning them as pioneers of the regeneration and reshoring of the Canadian Fashion Community.

MAKECanada™ for CHANGE in Canada

As the world works together through the COVID19 pandemic, the global need for innovative protective clothing and accessories presents an unparalleled opportunity for Canada to demonstrate our skill and expertise. Now is the time for Canada to step into the lead and showcase our own country the skills, passion and creativity we possess right here at home. MAKECanada™ will help Canada Rebuild, Regenerate and Reshore our Fashion Community by providing the meaningful, aware, key essentials as the cornerstones of a vital Made in Canada label.

George Brown College - School of Fashion & Jewellery

About George Brown College

George Brown College's Centre for Arts, Design and IT will include a team of faculty, technicians, staff and students from its fashion, design and multimedia programs to support the coordination, technical support and design of the website and content management. The Centre offers real-world learning opportunities in creative fields including design, fashion, jewellery, drama, dance, digital production and gaming. The Centre also hosts many exhibits including installations with Nuit Blanche, DesignTO and Sur Gallery.

George Brown Fashion Exchange Toronto

About Fashion Exchange (FX)

George Brown College's Fashion Exchange aims to model and foster innovative, ethical, and environmentally and socially sustainable production. FX is a vibrant hub where fashion education, design, production, entrepreneurship and engagement come together under one roof in the heart of downtown Toronto. FX brings together fashion educators, industry partners, community organizations, and fashion graduates to innovate for an increasingly sustainable, socially-conscious, and economically vibrant fashion industry.

About Luigi Ferrara

Luigi Ferrara, Dean, Centre for Arts, Design & Information Technology, arrived at the college in 2002, and has since broadened the programs within the Faculty of Design more than threefold. Under Ferrara's guidance the Centre for Arts, Design & Information Technology, which includes the School of Fashion, was ranked as one of the Top 60 Design Schools in North America, according to Business Week magazine and its Institute Without Boundaries was ranked as one of the top four Urban Design programs in the world by Azure magazine.

About Rosa Fracassa

Rosa Fracassa is the Chair of the School of Fashion and Jewellery at George Brown College. Rosa has been a Professor and Program Coordinator at the School of Fashion at George Brown where she has been teaching for many years in the Fashion, General Arts and Science and Theatre departments. Rosa's academic background includes a Master Degree in Italian Studies and a two year Master degree in Drama; she is at the dissertation stage of her PhD.

Robin Kay logo

About Robin Kay

In 1999, Kay was asked to chair “Designers Ontario” (established in 1963) and reinvented it into what is known as the Fashion Design Council of Canada (FDCC), a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization. At this time, there were only four fashion weeks in the world and Kay was determined for Canada to be the fifth. Toronto Fashion Week (TFW) launched in the fall of 1999 at The Windsor Arms Hotel, and significantly grew over 12 years under Kay's direction. TFW nurtured new design talent, connected stakeholders, built community and awareness driving a Made in Canada fashion economy. Kay continues to foster the growth of Canada's fashion sector, currently working as Sector Liaison with George Brown College to help improve their Fashion & Design curriculum to ensure grad students are set for Fashion's future opportunities.

Meet Our Ambassadors

Hilary Farr

Interior Designer, Media Personality, HGTV

TV host of hit show “Love It or List It” and President of Hilary Farr's Designs established in Toronto; has renovated properties all around the World, from New York to Australia, the UK to California.

FREED International logo

Marissa Freed

President, Founder, FREED & FREED International Ltd.

President and Creative Director at historic Canadian garment manufacturers, Freed & Freed International Ltd; known for creating Ladies' and Men's fine apparel, since 1920. Established in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Don Lee logo

Don Lee


Menswear Designer, Don has specialized in Fine Men's Tailoring and Textile with over 20 years of professional experience. Based in Toronto, Mr. Lee has produced suits for VIP clientele, including former prime minister Stephen Harper, actors Jared Leto and Sam Neill and musician Will.i.am of the Black Eyed Peas.

Triarchy logo

Adam Taubenfligel

Founder, Designer, Creative Director, TRIARCHY ATELIER DENIM

Co-founder and Creative Director for TRIARCHY Atelier Denim; educating consumers through ecologically driven design mandate, focused on educing water consumption through production process.

Fashion Art Toronto logo

Vanya Vasic

Founder, Creative Director, FASHION ART TORONTO

Curator and Creative Director of bi-annual cultural event, Fashion Art Toronto; a fashion week celebrating contemporary art and design through live presentations and performances, fashion film, photography and art installation.