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Design Challenge 2020

George Brown College's Centre for Arts, Design and IT (CADIT), in collaboration with Robin Kay, are pleased to announce MAKECanada™, a multidisciplinary, innovative clothing design initiative to inspire our students for the regeneration and reshoring of the Canadian Fashion Community.

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MAKECanada™ Design Challenge 2020

  • Meaningful

    Clothing with purpose

  • Aware

    Economic and Regenerative Sustainability

  • Key

    Disruption crucial to driving positive change

  • Essentials

    Fashion's New Function

MAKECanada™ is calling on all inspired Centre for Arts, Design & Information Technology students at George Brown College to answer the new needs of pandemic and post-pandemic life by submitting design concepts for “guardments” that offer protection from the environment, for example responding to viruses like COVID-19, providing pollution filtering or UV protection.

Design Challenge Phase 1

Nov 2

November 2, 2020
Official Competition Launch & Registration Portal open to accept applications

Jan 5

January 5, 2021
Registration Portal closes

Jan 8

January 8, 2021
Deadline to submit Design Packages

MAKECanada™ for Change in Canada

Whether “guardments” provide protection from infection, integrating sunscreening or pollution filters, or harness interference technology to heighten the wearer’s ability to navigate safely, as we look ahead to re-opening our societies, our clothing will be an essential tool to help us live, work and mingle safely.

MAKECanada™ realizes the continued need for gloves, masks, gowns and other PPE, but sees opportunity for these vital pieces of apparel to evolve beyond the clinical setting to fit all wardrobes.

How can they be made more comfortable for longer wear times, or to fit more body shapes?

Can they be more sustainably reused or recycled?

MAKECanada™ will redesign essential “guardments” synonymous with everyday living.

Can these items work harder for us, to help protect us and those around us, to enhance our experience of the world outside instead of hampering it.

Can they still be useful while being stylish, comfortable, affordable and sustainably made?

The MAKECanada™ Design Challenge is an opportunity for GBC students to design clothing and accessories that will address some of the challenges related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the way people will dress and accessorize when society emerges from self-isolation and back into everyday life.


Objective One

Create unique clothing and accessories for a post-pandemic world.


Objective Two

Be creative and imaginative in the use of materials, textiles and technology.


Objective Three

Show an innovative approach to incorporating economic and environmental sustainability within the design.

Choose Among
Three Design Categories

There are three categories for the design competition. Remember that you are welcome to design with the materials of your choice, across any areas that you think would drive impact for these issues.

Designs can focus on addressing how our clothing can protect us, for example facilitating preventative/hygiene behaviors, supporting frontline health workers, or promoting connection to friends, family, and neighbors to combat social isolation to name a few.

  • outerwear icon


    Designs such as a range of outerwear, athletic clothing, daywear and casual basics.

  • outerwear icon


    Items for everyday use or protective items such as jewellery, gloves, bags, socks, headbands, handbags, footwear, aprons.

  • outerwear icon

    Soft Goods

    Designs for any item that does not fit into the above categories such as blankets, pillows, linens, furniture etc.

Submission Details & Deliverables

Eligibility Criteria

  • Participants must be a student enrolled in a program at the George Brown College's Centre of Arts, Design and Information Technology.

  • Participants can apply both individually and as multidisciplinary teams. For team registration, please designate one member to complete the registration process and provide the names and student numbers of all team members.

    Note: All challenge communication will be done through the email provided by the registered student. The registered student/account will be responsible for uploading the final submission package.

Submission Package must include

  • 150-word Biography: Tell us about yourself and your design practice. You can write individual or team bios.

  • Design Documents: Up to six images of drawings, renderings or technical illustrations to explain your concept, its construction, materials and technology.

  • 250-word Design Rationale: Tell us about what inspired you, who the beneficiaries are of your concept, what issue or challenge does it address, what makes it relevant and important to current Canadian fashion and pandemic support, what will be its social impact?

  • 500-word Implementation Plan: Details on what it would take to implement the prototype design, eg estimated budget, materials, fabrication, installation, design services, potential for commercialization.

Phase 1:
Judging Criteria

  • Economic & Regenerative Sustainability

    Can the project be made using sustainable practices? Will it be affordable to a wide range of customers?

  • Innovation

    Does the project innovate in the realm of protective clothing? Does the project utilize innovative production technologies?

  • Potential Impact

    Will the project be able to reach a point of social impact, and does it have the potential for positive impact amidst the pandemic?

  • Design Creativity & Feasibility

    Is the design creative and does it address the theme at hand? Is it easy to produce and wear?

  • Functionality & Meaningfulness

    Is the design purposefully solving a real problem? Is the project submitted going to have meaningful impact once fully completed?

Make your Mark with MAKECanada™

Three semi-finalists will be matched with community ambassadors to help develop their designs from prototype to product.

Working with the experts at the Fashion Exchange, our industry partners, and material and fabrication experts, finalist teams will explore cutting-edge production technology to present a working prototype garment.

All prototypes will be showcased in a series of culminating events, both live and online, where our community ambassadors will choose the final designs to put into limited productions.

In September 2021, the final MAKECanada™ products will have the opportunity to be sold on GBC campuses and at the School of Design's INStore, both at the store and through their e-commerce platform.

Benefits to you

  • Access to and use of the FX, a vibrant hub for fashion education, design, production, entrepreneurship, engagement and cutting-edge production technology.

  • Opportunities for training and guidance with FX staff and industry professionals.

  • Exposure for you and your designs across a range of promotional events and social media.

  • Network with leading professionals and manufacturing experts in the fashion industry.

  • Semi-finalists will be awarded $200 and the opportunity to prototype their ideas and be mentored by an industry partner.

  • Winners will receive an amount of $500 CAD.

Challenge Timeline

Phase 1

Student Competition Fall Semester

November 2, 2020:
Competition launch & registration portal opens.

January 5, 2021:
Registration closes.

January 8, 2021:
Deadline to submit design packages.

January 22, 2021:
Judging committee meets.

February 1, 2021:
Semi-finalists announced in each category.

Phase 2

Prototype Production Winter semester

February/April 2021:
Semi-finalists matched with industry professional for mentorship to develop concepts. Production of Prototype in partnership with the FX & key industry partners.

April/May 2021
Prototypes showcased at a series of events; final judging to select Finalists for Phase 3.

Phase 3

Small Batch Production Summer Semester

May/August 2021:
Production of winning design(s).

August 2021:
Opportunities for purchase across GBC campuses and at the INStore both on campus and online.

MAKECanada Challenge

The future is yours to design

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